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Sponsoring Ministry


The Ministry of National Food Security & Research is mainly responsible for policy formulation, economic coordination and planning in respect of food grain and agriculture. It also includes the procurement of food grains, fertilizer, import price stabilization of agriculture produce, international liaison, economic studies for framing agricultural policies.


1) Economic Coordination and Planning in respect of Food, Economic Planning and Policy making in respect of agriculture
2) Imports and exports control on food grains and foodstuffs, inspection, grading analysis of food grains and foodstuffs, maintenance of standards of quality for import and export and inspection, handling, storage and shipment of rice exports
3) Collection of statistics regarding production, consumption, prices, imports and exports of food grains
4) Coordination with aid and assistance agencies in respect of food sector
5) Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and other Federal agriculture research organizations
6) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations in respect of food
7) Plant Protection, Pesticide import and standardization, Aerial Spray, Plant Quarantine and Locust control in its international aspect and maintenance of locusts warning organizations
8) Federal Seed Certification and Registration
9) Standardization and import of fertilizer
10) Procurement of food grains, including sugar
a) from abroad;
b) for Federal requirement;
c) for inter-provincial supplies; and
d) for export and storage at ports
11) Grading of agricultural commodities, other than food grains, for exports
12 )Administrative control of PASSCO
13) Preparation of basic plan for bulk allocation of food grains and foodstuffs
14) Price stabilization by fixing procurement and issue prices including keeping a watch over the price of food grains and foodstuffs imported from abroad or required for export and those required for inter-provincial supplies
15) Agricultural Policy Institute
16) a) Animal Quarantine Departments, stations and facilities located anywhere in Pakistan
b) National Veterinary Laboratory, Islamabad
c) Laboratory for Detection of Drugs Residues in Animal Products at Karachi
17) Veterinary drugs, vaccines and animal feed additives:
i) import and export; and
ii) procurement from abroad for Federal requirements and for inter-provincial supplies.
18) Livestock, poultry and livestock products;
i) Import and export; and
ii) Laying down national grades
19) Pakistan Dairy Development Company
20) Livestock and Dairy Development Board (LDDB)
21) Fisheries Development Board (FDB
22) Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) (for federal areas only)
23) International cooperation matters relating Agriculture and Livestock; and
24) Administrative control of Agricultural Counselor’s Office at Room, Italy

25) National Fertilizer Development Centre

26) Administrative control of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee


1) Agricultural Policy Institute (API)
2) Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department (FSC&RD)
3) Department of Plant Protection (DPP)
4) Animal Quarantine Department AQD
5) Plant Breeder Rights Registry


1) Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)
2) Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC)
3) Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Supply Corporation (PASSCO)


1) National Veterinary Laboratory (NVL)
2) Federal Water Management Cell (FWMC)
3) Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB)


1) Livestock and Dairy Development Board
2) Fisheries Development Board


1) Animal Husbandry Commissioner (AHC)
2) Food Security Commissioners (I & II) (FSC-I & II)
3) Cotton Commissioner (CC)
4) Economic Wing (EW)
5) National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC)

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